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Chatfield College Scholarships

Chatfield College is privileged to provide scholarships to eligible students. These scholarships are established by donations from alumni, community members, life-long supporters of education, business establishments, and others to encourage the pursuit of education.

Endowed Scholarship List

Endowed Scholarship Application

Austin Knowlton Scholarship Application

BASF Scholarship

BASF Scholarship Application

    Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship Summary

    Coca-Cola First Generation Scholarship Application

To apply for a Chatfield Scholarship, download one of the scholarship applications located in the Financial Aid Forms at right.


To determine scholarship eligibility, the filing of the FAFSA is required each academic year. Chatfield College Scholarships are for tuition and fees only. Students are matched with available scholarships based on need and eligibility criteria.

Other Scholarship Programs

We urge you to apply for scholarships offered outside Chatfield College. A number of web sites and library reference materials list thousands of additional sources for this type of funding. Try www.fastweb.comwww.collegenet.com; or www.scholarships.com/link. Apply early, most scholarships have application deadlines.

Establishing a Chatfield College Scholarship Program

If you are interested in donating to an established scholarship program or establishing a new scholarship program, click here.

Questions? Who to Contact

Dawn Hundley
Director of Financial Aid
(513) 875-3344, ext. 146
20918 St. Rt. 251
St. Martin, OH 45118

Becki Brown
Financial Aid Counselor
(513) 875-3344, ext. 144
20918 St. Rt. 251
St. Martin, OH 45118

Diana Irving
Financial Aid Counselor
(513) 921-9856, ext. 204
1800 Logan Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

Financial Aid at Chatfield Forms & Documents:
Coca-Cola Scholarship Application

Coca-Cola Scholarship Summary

Endowed Scholarship Application

FAFSA worksheet

Financial Aid Facts

Financial Aid Newsletter Issue 3

Knowlton Scholarship

Knowlton Scholarship Application