Gifts of 2015

January 1, 2016

images (2)As Christmas passes and we look on the new year, it is appropriate that we reflect on the gifts of the past. Certainly for me, one of the greatest gifts is the blessing of faith and my membership in the Ursulines of Brown County, a congregation of faith-filled women. God has also blessed me with a very large and caring family who are good at gathering together, supporting each other and providing acceptance and unconditional love.

Another blessing in my life is the Chatfield College family. From the faculty and staff, Administration and Board of Trustees, benefactors and friends, and especially the students, God’s presence is evident. Being a part of the team that encourages, congratulates and at times, pushes the students to believe in themselves and accomplish success is enriching and life giving. I am privileged to be a part of the Chatfield family and to know God is with us every day.

May you know the presence of God in your life during this Holy season and throughout the coming year.

Holiday Blessings,

Sister Patricia Homan, OSU

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