Month: June 2016

Ways of Giving to Chatfield College:

If you are like me,  you are receiving solicitations from several non-profit  organizations daily.  I have gone so far as to sort my mail by the recycling bin.   I wanted…

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First Generation, Part 2

It wasn’t long before I began contemplating the next rung in the ladder of emancipation from ignorance. I found an acceptable online school, part of the Kansas State university system,…

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First Generation, Part 1

“First generation” can have assorted connotations. For this blogther (blog blather) it pertains to college student, which is appropriate to Chatfield College, don’t you know. Imagine this guy going to…

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“The Last Pale Light in the East”

Sitting in Saint Joseph’s a few weeks ago, I could not but help suffer from several conflicting emotions. There was pride, of course, for my friends that were left at…

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