Month: September 2016

Chatfield Instructor Spotlight

Chatfield College Admissions is always reaching out to potential students. One such effort involved a group of high school students visiting the Cincinnati campus for information and a tour. On…

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We Don’t Have to Believe Everything We Know

Reflecting on my post secondary education, what, if anything, did I gain? Don’t get me wrong, the number is countless, metaphorically speaking. A main and important product was completing a…

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The Original 9/11, Fifteen Years After

September 11th used to just be another early fall day in the ninth month of the year. All that changed in 2001, however. The world changed forever, that morning, when…

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Science Department Expanding Classes for Fall 2016 Due to Student Interest

You read from time-to-time that the U.S. is lagging behind other countries in math and science. While this may or may not be true, the Chatfield Science Department is conducting…

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