Checking In With Chatfield Student Service Club

March 27, 2017

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.”
-Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta

How simple it is to serve others around us. If you truly think about it, you serve someone every moment of the day. You serve them by smiling at them, by opening a door for them, or by working for them. That is truly a beautiful thing and is the one thing I like to keep in mind when I think about Chatfield Student Service Club.

As a president and student of this organization, it is important to me that we see the true meaning of service and why it is so important. In CSSC, the members allow themselves to focus on the whole community around Chatfield, and how we can reflect that service to the organizations that surround the local area.

In the past couple of months, we have wholeheartedly raised money to serve the community in many ways. One of our biggest hits was raising money for the local Hope Emergency Center by holding a Taco Tuesday for the students and faculty here at Chatfield. To the students and faculty, it may have been just a scrumptious taco placed in front of them, but to a needy family, it was warm hats placed on their heads. Our first Taco Tuesday’s proceeds went to donate hats and gloves to warm the “hearts and heads” of families that receive aid from the Hope Emergency Center. As CSSC dropped off these items and toured the grounds, we were all in shock at how much the Hope Emergency Center helps the community around us.

If I may say, my heart was stirring the cauldron of kindness in my mind. I knew that we needed to continue to help this organization out! This lead CSSC to creating our current project for Hope Emergency, Soap for Hope. With their great need for personal hygiene products, CSSC thought it would be a fantastic idea to collect donations of this kind to assist those in need. Our donations are going so great thus far, and we will continue to collect these items until the end of March.

Another project CSSC tackled was a bake sale-Puppy Love- for the local Highland County Humane Society. We were so grateful at the outpour of kindness from the faculty who donated and helped bake for the sale. It was hit, and we raised a great amount of proceeds that we could deliver a check to the Humane Society. Other projects in the works for CSSC are supplying tutoring for students in need, raising money for an end of the year/graduation party, and continuing to serve their fellow students and surrounding communities.

It’s not about the flashy posters or the giant ads. What CSSC is about is standing for good morals by providing quality leadership on our campus and community. CSSC is growing into a beautiful service club that truly recognizes that doing small things with great love can occupy the hearts of many people.

-Autumn Slover,
CSSC President

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