Safety and Security

Chatfield College is committed to our students, staff, faculty, and legitimate visitors, enjoying a secure and safe setting. For this to occur, all those attending will be expected to adhere to policies and procedures implemented at the college. Although our campuses are relatively secure, the fact that crime can take place is always possible. We all have a duty to share a responsibility in prevention efforts.

    • Keep your vehicles locked
    • Keep your personal property secured
    • While leaving at night, walk-in groups
    • Stay away from secluded areas
    • If you need an escort to your vehicle, notify office or maintenance personnel

Clery Report calendar year 2019

      • Reporting a Crime

Immediately report all crimes to the Brown County Sheriff’s department. @ 937-378-4155 if you are on the St. Martin campus. For the Over-the-Rhine campus, crimes must be immediately reported to Cincinnati Police District 1 @513-352-3505.

Victims also need to file an incident report with the Director of Physical Plant, David Powell @ 513-315-6167. These will be accessed in compiling campus crime reports.

On or off-campus: call 911

Non-emergency- St. Martin
Brown County Sheriff 937-378-4155

Non-emergency- Over-the-Rhine
Cincinnati Police District 1 513-352-3505

Non-Emergency Campus Contacts
David Powell @ 513-315-6167

Security Warnings

Chatfield College will make every attempt to issue appropriate warnings in the event of a situation, on or off-campus, which constitutes a threat to the campus community.


Crimes reported to Counseling Centers are confidential by law. Some off-campus reports may also be legally confidential- e.g., to Clergy, Social Agencies, and hospitals. Reports that are confidential by law will not be reported to the College for inclusion in our annual Crime Statistics report. Crimes reported to College officials are included in our annual Crime and Safety report.

If you are the victim of a crime and do not want to pursue action within the College disciplinary system, you may still want to consider making a confidential report. Such reports will be kept with the Dean of Student Services and included in the annual Crime Statistics for the institution.

Sexual Offense Procedures

In the event a sexual offense should occur, victims are strongly encouraged to report the incident to the Sheriff/Police department. College personnel will assist students as requested in notifying the proper authorities. The victim should not change clothes or otherwise cleanse his/herself before going to the hospital in order to preserve physical evidence that may be needed for investigation and prosecution. If the victim is reluctant to contact the Police/Sheriff’s department initially, she/he should still seek treatment at a hospital to preserve evidence and address any health concerns.

In cases of alleged sexual offenses, the College will follow the Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Policy as published in the student handbook.

Victims that want to request a change in their academic situation may do so by contacting the Academic Dean.

Drug-Free Policy

The unlawful possession, use, or distribution of drugs and/or alcohol by students or employees on college property or as a part of any college activity is prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted in accordance with applicable laws and ordinances and will be subject to disciplinary actions by the college, in conformance with Chatfield College Student Code of Conduct, Alcohol Policy, and/or Drug Policy. Sanctions for violations may include suspension, and/or termination/dismissal, as well as compulsory attendance at drug/alcohol education programs or other appropriate disciplinary measures.

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