Pathway to Nursing

Pathway to Nursing

  • If your college journey is taking you to a career in the healthcare field, then Chatfield’s Pathway to Nursing can give you a great start. This unique opportunity allows students to take general education courses as well as specific science classes, such as anatomy and physiology, chemistry, and microbiology, in a small classroom environment. Students may then transfer into a larger program where they can complete their advanced nursing classes and clinical rotations.

    Please see an academic advisor for specific information on this pathway, as course requirements may differ depending on the institution and program into which you wish to transfer.

    Chatfield College graduates can become qualified to work in hospitals and healthcare centers and go on to:

    Earn associates, bachelors’, and masters’ degrees.
    Work in hospitals, home healthcare, and rehabilitation services.
    Work with government agencies to create and update healthcare policies.

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