The Mentoring Program was launched in the fall of 2017 in support of our mission to further empower our students.  Engaging in a mentoring relationship can be a very rewarding and supportive experience as you navigate your way through college.  All mentor/mentee pairings are made with the background of both taken into consideration.   Each relationship is personalized to meet your specific needs.  You, the student, drive the conversations, ensuring the topics you want to discuss are covered and your needs are met.  All discussions with your mentor are confidential.   So, if you want to bounce career ideas off someone, discuss how to make the most out of your Chatfield experience, talk about how to best to handle the needs and pressures of college, work and family, or brainstorm about how to handle some situation that has you a bit stressed, a mentor can help.

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Hear from our mentors:

“I became a mentor at Chatfield College because I enjoy meeting new people and learning about them.  I have been blessed with a great network of friends, family, and mentors who have supported me my entire life.  Being a mentor at Chatfield provides me the opportunity to provide personal support and encouragement for others as they work to achieve success in their school work and beyond.”

-Kelly Wittich

“I volunteer at Chatfield because I enjoy helping people navigate life while managing their way through the business world.  I had several people help me along the way and I want to be able to do the same for others.”

-Brandon Kramer

“I feel all students have potential and ability to make a difference and create a good life for themselves.”

-Mary Beth Nielsen

“I have lived a blessed and fortunate life due in large part to the great mentors that have touched my life. From my parents, teachers, coaches and bosses, each have helped shape my being. I want to have the same positive impact on a Chatfield student’s life. Plus, my interaction with a Chatfield student will help me grow in my understanding of a younger generation. “

-Chris Benintendi

Hear from our mentees:

“I was assigned my mentor in the fall of 2017.  We meet at least once every 2 weeks on campus and talk by phone about once a week.  My mentor has helped me stay grounded and more focused on my studies.  While he helps motivate me academically, he is also interested in and helps me in my life in general.  I don’t believe I would still be pursuing a degree if not for my mentor.  We solve problems together.”

-Henry Black, OTR student

“I was first introduced to mentoring in high school and being mentored was an amazing experience. I wanted to continue being mentored because being mentored is so helpful. For me, being a mentee gave me someone to talk to outside of my family and allowed me to see from a different prospective.”

-Courtney Sedgwick, St. Martin student



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Coordinator of Volunteers and Service Services
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