2 Year Degree in Cincinnati, OH

2 Year Degree in Cincinnati, OH

Chatfield provides a strong academic environment for students of all ages and backgrounds.

 Our mission of “meeting students where they are” provides the opportunity for us to give our students the knowledge and skills they need to further their personal educational and career goals.

  • Small class sizes and personalized attention allow us to provide quality instruction in our academic program.
  • Our strong liberal arts foundation opens up new areas of study for students in not just English, math and science, but in areas of art, history, philosophy and religion.
  • A liberal arts education provides training in critical thinking, communication, and lifelong learning, which are all qualities we value at Chatfield.
  • We have on campus tutoring, mentoring, and academic advising to assist and guide students through each step of their academic journey — from their first day of class until graduation.

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