Tutoring Services

Tutoring Services

At Chatfield, we are dedicated to your success and the mission to further empower our students.  Our tutoring program offers many options for busy students.  You can schedule one-on-one tutoring sessions, participate in group study sessions, or just drop in to work with a tutor who is available when you have time.  See the calendars below for tutor availability at each campus.  For the SM campus, availability is noted on the calendar but you’ll need to submit a request to make an appointment.

Below, you will also find links to many math lesson videos that may help you with particular concepts you are struggling with.

DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE!  If you want to schedule time with a tutor or have a specific tutoring need, please see the Tutor Request form below. Drop the completed form in Brenda Hoeper’s mail folder at either campus.

At the OTR campus, 211 is the designated tutoring room. The St. Martin campus offers a few options for tutoring in both the library or the Mongan Building.

Need a Tutor?

Click here to print a tutor request form

For Tutors:

Student Tutor Job Description
Individual Student Tutoring Record Form
Group Tutoring Record Form

Helpful Links:

Math Lessons on YouTube-MAT112

Math Lessons on YouTube- MAT125

Math Lessons on YouTube-MAT211


Brenda Hoeper
Coordinator of Volunteers
513-921-9856 ext.229