Path to a Bachelor’s Degree

For most students, Chatfield College isn’t the last stop on their journey.  If a four-year degree is your goal, we can help you get there! We are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and our credits transfer virtually anywhere.  In fact, Chatfield has over 70 different articulation agreements with colleges and universities, both in Cincinnati and outside of the tri-state area.

Third-Year Option at Chatfield
To assist students who have earned an Associate’s degree transition into a Bachelor’s degree program, Chatfield offers a unique third-year option.  This opportunity allows students to complete junior-level courses at Chatfield before transferring.

Students must meet with the transfer institution to develop a written and signed academic plan outlining the courses they will complete at Chatfield toward their Bachelor’s degree requirements.

Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3)

Students wishing to cross-register for courses at any of the colleges in the Greater Cincinnati Collegiate Connection (GC3) may register with the Registrar using cross-registration forms.  Individual conferences with counselors from these colleges are recommended if the students plan to pursue four-year degrees there.  (Chatfield Student Handbook, page 34)   The GC3 website is

Transfer Credit from Chatfield to another institution

For most Chatfield programs, credits can easily transfer to most four-year colleges and universities after graduating from Chatfield. Students can begin their studies at Chatfield and simply transfer as a junior to another college and university to complete their bachelor’s degree.  It is highly recommended students set up a conference with a transfer counselor from the college or university the student plans to attend in pursuing their four-year degree.