What Are the Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons?

May 22, 2017


There are several benefits for an individual to take guitar lessons. If a person wants to learn how to play guitar, lessons would be the key to helping them succeed at a quicker rate and to not fall into bad habits such as improper hand technique or poor music reading. Learning bad habits at an early stage of learning a music instrument may result in many years of frustration for a student trying to undo what they have learned wrongly.

Having a teacher helps a student to keep going even though it might be tough at times to succeed at any given task. A teacher can inspire students through his or her example. A teacher can also inspire students through coaching them and letting them know that if they keep going they will be able to finish the task that they need to do.

For anyone else who is not interested in becoming a guitarist, I think that guitar lessons could also be a good thing. Lessons can help a student have a deeper appreciation for music and for the effort it takes to become a musician. Guitar lessons can help a student with eye-hand coordination and the use of peripheral vision. Lessons also help students to have a sense of self-discipline and patience. During lessons, students play music with their teacher and this helps students to learn how to work in a team setting – in advanced classes students also work together in small groups to make music.

The classes for Chatfield College’s 2017 Enrichment Program are 6 weeks of half hour private lessons. These lessons are private and 1 on 1 as opposed to a classroom setting where there are many students. I design the curriculum for the lessons around each individual’s abilities and take into consideration their taste in music.

The cost of the Enrichment Program at Chatfield is $40. The average cost of half-hour guitar lessons at music stores or private lesson studios range from $18-$25 per lesson. I charge $20 per half-hour lesson at Hauer Music. So this is an incredible bargain for you to take lessons through Chatfield’s Enrichment Program.

With all this in consideration, I hope that you will consider taking guitar lessons through the Enrichment Program at Chatfield College this summer.

Jamie Murrell

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