College Credit Plus at both campuses

College Credit Plus at both campuses

College Credit Plus (or CCP) is Ohio’s dual enrollment program.

Students in grades 7-12 can earn college and high school credit at the same time. The college credits you earn now can be used to complete an associate of arts degree at Chatfield College, which can then transfer to almost any regionally accredited college or university to go towards a bachelor’s degree.

Chatfield College CCP Presentation

Eligibility requirements for College Credit Plus

  • Students must pass the placement test in the subject they wish to study and fulfills the course prerequisites

Click here for a guide on CCP.

Private and Home School OH ID Portal
All private and home school families wishing to receive funding from the State of Ohio for CCP courses must create an OH ID and access the funding application through their SAFE Account. Funding applications are due April 1, 2021, and no late applications will be accepted.

  •  How to Apply for College Credit Plus
Steps: What You Need to Do:
Step 1Collect and review information about the CCP option
Step 2Notify your school counselor or principal that you intend participate in CCP next year. Public school students will need to turn in the following form:
Letter of Intent to Participate
Private and homeschool students will submit an electronic Intent to Participate when they apply for funding on the SAFE Account.
Step 3Complete an online Chatfield College application
Step 4Come visit us! While a campus visit isn't required, it can be a great way to ease any concerns you may have.
Step 5Have your counselor complete the online authorization form.
Step 6If your counselor did not submit your transcript through the online authorization form, they can send your transcript to:

Chatfield College
20918 St. Rt. 251
St. Martin, OH 45118
Step 7If you do not have a B average or higher in Algebra II and two units of English/language arts, you will be required to take an Accuplacer placement test. Remote options are available.
Step 8Select your course(s) with your CCP advisor.
Step 9Attend a mandatory CCP Orientation prior to the semester start.
Step 10Begin classes at Chatfield College!
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