Reflections from The Ivy League- Chatfield Grad Martin Smith On His Transition to the University of Penn

October 12, 2015

Martin BlogHas it already been five months since graduation? Where has the time gone? Indeed, it seems forever ago that I graduated from our beloved Chatfield College, yet here I sit, in the heart of downtown Philadelphia, studying at the University of Pennsylvania. Things have been a whirlwind since I left home, but the things I am learning here simply boggle the mind. I’m taking three history courses and a creative writing course that is geared towards children, so, needless to say, my days are filled with a constant stream of reading and writing, of research and brainstorming.

However, allow me to be frank: I would not have the success that I am having here without the courses and skills taught at Chatfield. George Bronner, in his history courses, prepared me for the intensive study of the French Revolution I am now in. The countless conversations with Bill Ackley gave me a foundation for the History of Communism course I am taking. Chats with Sister Agatha prepared me to study localized history, which I am doing through my History of Philadelphia course. And, of course, the lessons taught by Julia Waddell and Louci Kurtz prepared me to write for children.

It isn’t just the the lessons of Chatfield that prepared me, of course. It’s the people. From Dawn in financial aid, to Delores in the library, to Jim, my supervisor in development, and even Deb in the front office, the relationships with the staff are something I will treasure. And my friends! From those that departed when I did (Savannah Swearingen to Wichita State, Amber Gorman to the University of Wisconsin, Morgan Clinton to Xavier, etc.) to those that remain (Kiley Davis, Korteney Weber, Angel Waits, Harrison Lamb, etc.) I will always look back fondly at those that were there with me at Chatfield. Indeed, it was their friendships that prepared me to move on to Philadelphia, and the next great challenge.

I miss you Chatfield, but fear not. I’ll always manage to find my way home, back to St. Martin, and all the amazing people and memories that are held within. I love Philadelphia, don’t get me wrong, but Chatfield will always be where this journey began, and I’ll never abandon the place I call mine.

Until next time!

-Martin Smith (Associate of Arts ’15)

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