Computer Information Technology Degree

Are you looking for a college degree that lets you pursue your passions while setting you up for a fantastic future in the technology sector? Chatfield College & Indiana Wesleyan University are proud to offer a new Computer Information Technology major.

Provided by Chatfield, powered by Indiana Wesleyan University

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Jumpstart Your Career

Chatfield College and Indiana Wesleyan University have teamed up to offer the Associate of Science with a major in Computer Information Technology. This blended program, offering both online and onsite classes, enables students to go from zero experience to being able to get a job in IT, develop your career, and then move on to higher education if you want to. Graduates can work in network management, system management, and more right away!


Faster Getting Started Than a Traditional Bachelor's Degree


Out of 30 Hours Required For Continuous Education


Program with Two Separate Institutions

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of ethical decision-making from a Christian worldview.
  • Demonstrate effective communication of ideas and facts.
  • Develop foundational business and Computer Information Technology analysis skills.
  • Integrate a biblical framework that guides business and personal interactions.
  • Demonstrate a competency in the application of fundamental computer information technology and business principles.
  • Apply information management skills to business decision-making.

Are You Ready To Start Something New?

Work towards a degree on your terms

This blended program, offered both online and onsite, offers personal interaction with students and instructors, who are professionals in the field, giving you real world experience.

continuous education available

The courses contained in this associate program will satisfy 24 hours out of the 30 general education hours required at the bachelor level and will also apply toward the 120 hour degree requirement.

Multiple classes starting at our locations

Classes start every 5 weeks at either Chatfield’s Brown County or Over-the-Rhine campuses. Provided by Chatfield, powered by Indiana Wesleyan University