Associate of Liberal Arts

Associate of Liberal Arts

Learn in-demand skills for your future with an Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts from Chatfield

This degree can be completed in-person, 100% online, or hybrid (in-person and online). 

Whether you recently graduated from high school or you have been working for years, an A.A. in liberal arts from Chatfield College can be a great first step toward your future. Your associate degree can help you jumpstart your college education and teach you in-demand skills. At the same time, you’ll be empowered to achieve your career goals, from pursuing a new job or promotion to going on to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Through the A.A. in liberal arts degree program, you’ll dive into a broad range of subjects, explore your intellectual and professional interests, and develop academic and critical thinking skills that are important for lifelong success.

Take classes full or part-time — online or in-person — and learn from faculty members who bring significant real-world experience to the classroom. Chatfield is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, so you know your A.A. in liberal arts degree is recognized and has value in the real world.

What is a liberal arts degree?

The A.A. in liberal arts is Chatfield’s original and oldest program that gives you the exciting opportunity to learn more about a variety of things all in one degree program. Through it, you’ll learn in-demand skills that will make you stand out in the workforce or guide you to career opportunities in a range of fields.

Finish your degree in as little as two years by taking classes online or in person at our St. Martin or Over-the-Rhine campuses. Here are other reasons to pursue your liberal arts associate degree at Chatfield.

Why pursue a liberal arts associate degree at Chatfield?

  • Experience the Chatfield Culture
  • Individualize your learning experience
  • Help when you need it. Let’s face it: College courses can be overwhelming. While earning your liberal arts associates degree, you will have individualized support to help you, including free tutoring, a formal mentoring program, an on-campus computer lab, and more.
  • Small class sizes, big opportunities
  • Preparation for the next big step–no matter what it is. Through the associate of arts degree online or in person, Chatfield will help you work to achieve your personal goals, explore your career options, create personal resumes, or transfer to a four-year school.
  • Expert instructors. While working toward an A.A. in liberal arts at Chatfield, you’ll learn from faculty members with real-world experience. For example, you may study political science with a retired federal office holder, or business with a well-known Cincinnati entrepreneur.
  • Scholarships and financial aid. Worried about how you will pay for an A.A. in liberal arts? You aren’t alone. Our admissions team will work hard to connect you with financial aid and college scholarships, including merit scholarships, the Chatfield Achievement Grant, and endowed scholarships.
  • Options that fit your life. Do you have a job (or two)? Do you have children? Then you especially need flexibility. When you enroll in our liberal arts associates degree program, you can take classes on your schedule — online or at our St. Martin or Over-the-Rhine campuses.
  • We welcome all students. Chatfield is a nonprofit college with Catholic roots, but we welcome and accept people of all faiths and from all walks of life. Chatfield was founded to provide a quality liberal arts education, and we continue that tradition today.

Explore classes for your liberal arts associates degree

Chatfield offers a variety of in-person or online A.A. degree program courses that will help you grow your abilities to analyze and synthesize information, communicate effectively, make decisions based on values, solve problems, and more.

General education courses for the liberal arts associates degree include English composition, oral communications, college algebra, foundations of quantitative reasoning, introductory statistics, history, and more. Choose elective courses based on your personal and professional interests, whether that’s business, nursing, early childhood education, or something else.
No matter the class, your Chatfield faculty will meet you where you are and empower you to better yourself, your employability, and your future.

See liberal arts associates degree program courses.

Get started on your liberal arts associate degree

Take the next step toward earning your associate of arts degree online and/or in person. Here’s how:

Talk to an enrollment advisor 

Chatfield’s admissions office is excited to meet you and answer your questions. For more information, please call the St. Martin campus at (513) 875-3344, the Cincinnati campus at (513) 921-9856, or email us at

Apply now or request more information

Need more information about earning an A.A. in liberal arts at Chatfield? Complete this form. Know that Chatfield is for you? Begin your free college application.

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What can you do with a liberal arts degree?

With a liberal arts degree from Chatfield, you’ll open the door to career opportunities — and set the stage for your bachelor’s degree.

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What is an associates in liberal arts worth?

Your A.A. liberal arts degree can help you get the pay increase you deserve and make you stand out in a crowded job market.

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