Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Miriam Society:  Leaving a Legacy

The Miriam Society is group of dedicated supporters of Chatfield College who have provided a gift of legacy.  Through planned gifts, these individuals have assured that their commitment to the history and mission of Chatfield College will be forever honored. 

The Miriam Society is named for Sr. Miriam Thompson, founder of Chatfield College and its first Dean.  She was a woman who during her ninety years created opportunities for others through education and humanitarian service. Even in her death she continued to give, donating her body for scientific research.

She began her career in education teaching Latin, English and French at the School of Brown County Ursulines and Ursuline Academy, eventually taking on administrative duties as Directress at Brown County.  In 1959, Sr. Miriam established the Ursuline Teacher Training Institute, where she served as Chief Academic Officer until 1973.

After her retirement, she established an emergency program to assist needy families in Brown, Adams and Highland counties.


Gifts for the future

You can include a gift to Chatfield in your will or trust.

Retained Life Estates
You can contribute your residence, vacation home or farm now, while retaining the right to use and occupy the property for life. At your death Chatfield will own the property in its entirety.

Life Insurance or Retirement Assets
You can name Chatfield as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy or your retirement account or IRA.

Letter of Intent for Future Estate Gift

For more information and to leave your legacy, contact the

Chatfield College Development Office

20918 State Route 251

St. Martin, OH  45118

(513) 875-3344 x117