Securing the Future, Responding to Change Campaign

Securing the Future, Responding to Change Campaign

Inspiring & Supporting Student Success

All of higher education is going through a period of rapid change and increasing challenges. Chatfield needs to stay relevant and change with the times to best serve our students, while remaining true to our Ursuline heritage and core values.

Therefore, guided by our strategic vision for the future, Chatfield is charting a pathway to greater academic success and employability for our diverse community of learners. With your support, we can achieve our goals to:

Improve Student Outcomes & Success

  • Strengthen advising, tutoring, and mentoring
  • Expand tuition assistance
  • Grow and develop excellent faculty and staff
“Chatfield students are from diverse communities and backgrounds. Many students are adult learners and the first in their family to attend college. At both campuses, more than 70% of students are female. At the OTR campus, 51% are parents with dependent children. Chatfield serves urban and rural communities with high rates of poverty and need for educational opportunities. “