Annual Fund

The Annual Fund (July 1 – June 30) gifts make up for expenses not covered by tuition. Each year, donations are received from alumni, staff, faculty, board members, businesses, foundations, community organizations, and friends who believe in the mission and work of Chatfield College.

These gifts provide vitally needed resources for academic programs, scholarship support, equipment, computers for labs, and resources for the library. Each gift has an immediate impact, and every aspect of college life at Chatfield College benefits from annual fund gifts. Chatfield College is a 501(c) organization.

Your gifts to the annual fund can be:

  • unrestricted and used based on priorities set by management and the board of trustees.
  • designated for a specific purpose – library, curriculum (including faculty, programs, and resources), and/or preservation of buildings and grounds.

Donate to the Annual Fund

For any questions relating to annual fund gifts, Kelly Watson, Director of Development, or 513-875-3344, ext. 117.

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