Is There a Day After Today?

November 8, 2016

donald_trump_hillary_clinton_president_590As we teeter on the edge of the 2016 election, most, if not all of us have been impacted by this race either directly or indirectly.  There is a poll or statistic released everyday about the two nominees (yes I know there are four running, but for this blog we can stick with reality).  We see polls on how you will vote on favorability, likability, trustworthiness.  I would like to see a poll asking simply this: “what do you plan to do the day after the election?”

We have been bombarded on social media with ads, television ads, radio ads, and it would seem that if your candidate loses, life as we know it will cease to function.  Why do we let two people who have favorability and trustworthiness ratings well below 50% control our lives?  I know of people who lose friends on social media because of disagreements over political ideas.  Now, I understand that this is by far the most polarizing election in recent history, and thanks to 24 – hour news cycles and social media, it is pounded into our heads that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be the worst thing to happen to America (depending on which side you are on).

Do you want to know a secret the news stations aren’t telling us? Wednesday morning after the candidates have held their victory party, or the losing candidate makes the obligatory congratulation and concession call…the sun will rise.  We will go do our jobs as well as we can, we will wake up to feed our children and get them off to school, and live with hope, because you never know what the tide will bring in the next day.

We have the will and the power to not be the divided nation that so many are predicting.  Neil Armstrong wasn’t alone when he made his way out of the Eagle and onto the Moon’s surface.  He had hundreds of thousands of engineers, scientists, mathematicians, welders, and nearly any other industry you can think helping him along the way.  He was and always will be the symbol of our conquest of the Moon, but he did not by any means do it all alone.

We can’t get bogged down in the idea that if our candidate loses then we have lost it all. Wake up Wednesday morning and be a loving parent, a positive co-worker, a supportive friend, and be an overall good steward to society.  Post something positive on your social media site, go against the grain of the anger and divisiveness the media is drumming up. Don’t just try to do well, try even harder to do good.

Mr. Gossett, Chatfield instructor

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