Part Time Manager of Library Services

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Part Time Manager of Library Services

Chatfield College, Over-The-Rhine Campus


All employees of the Chatfield College Library are guided by the mission statements of both the College and the Library.

Chatfield College is an open-enrollment Catholic college, rooted in the Legacy of the Ursuline Sisters, believing in the potential of every person, and accepting of people of all faiths. We offer a small collaborative learning environment with a deep sense of community, and personalized support. Chatfield meets students where they are and empowers individuals to better themselves, their employability, and their futures.

Chatfield College Library is dedicated to supporting the academic program, developing students’ research skills, and providing the College community with access to information and learning resources.

 The Part Time Manager of Library Services reports to the Academic Dean, and is a member of the Chatfield College Student Success team.




Assisting students:

  • Help patrons locate and evaluate materials and information
  • Answer reference questions
  • Collaborate with faculty to educate students on resources available through the Library, and on the responsible use of information.
  • Distribute texts to College Credit Plus (CCP) students.
  • Circulate materials within the library consortium
  • Handle audio-visual requests and manage A/V equipment
  • Manage student laptop check in and check out


Administration and maintenance:


  • Process interlibrary loan requests
  • Shelve books, mend, develop, and maintain the collection
  • Produce timely library displays
  • Make recommendations for adoption of books and periodicals.


Learning Center:

  • Collaborate with the Coordinator of Tutoring and Mentoring to connect students with tutors and mentors
  • Recommend new tutors
  • Assist students in completing tutoring request forms and reviewing tutoring schedule to determine opportunities for them to receive help
  • Connect students with resources by directing students to appropriate campus offices


Library assistants:

  • Interview, hire, and schedule library assistants
  • Train and supervise assistants


Additional duties/events:

  • Julia Chatfield Honor Society committee, assist with organization.
  • Communicate Library and Learning Resource Center events via social media.
  • Graduation: assist with reception, student essays
  • Organize book clubs, cultural events, etc.
  • Co-ordinate Chatfield email addresses, library and ID cards
  • Collaborate with the Chair of General Studies to organize and offer Community Services Fair.
  • Work as a contributing member of a student success team
  • The Part Time Manager of Library Services reports to the Chief Academic Officer/Dean.
  • Other duties as assigned



Earned Master’s in Library and Information Sciences, Library Studies or closely related field.


Additional Comments:

  • All employees of Chatfield College are responsible for working toward the mission and goals of the College.  Due to the nature of this position, confidentiality must be maintained at all times.
  • This job description shall be continually evaluated and will evolve based on new technologies and the needs and priorities of the college as established by the President, Academic Dean and the Board of Trustees.
  • The responsibilities for this position will be adjusted as circumstances dictate.
  • All Chatfield employees are “at will”. The terms of employment and other pertinent information is contained in the Chatfield College Employee Handbook.
  • Benefit include generous PTO and tuition assistance as set forth in the Chatfield College Employee Handbook.
  • Regular remote monitoring of voicemail and e-mail, and attendance at all major college events, including some held on weekends, is expected.
  • Friendly and collegial atmosphere at both campuses; bucolic settings, and first rate technology.
  • Chatfield is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate against any applicant on the basis of age, race, religion, gender, disability, or other legally protected class.
  • Chatfield College reserves the right to perform random drug-testing prior to or after employment begins.


Revised February 01, 2019

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