To Post, Or Not To Post?

February 1, 2017

Let me first start off with a belated “Happy New Year”!  This being my first blog and all for 2017, I had to get that out of the way.  I sincerely wish everyone a year of health, healing, happiness, and continued self-growth.

My 2017 has started off with what seems to be a perpetual cold and or sinus infection.  Funny thing about being a parent who is ill; I am more worried about getting my two daughters sick than healing myself.  I suppose that shows my devotion and love for them and their well-being.  There are worse traits to have in life… right?

With some unwanted extra time to lay around pondering how life’s priorities migrate with age, along with an avalanche of news articles, tweets, and blogs to read; I’ve come to wonder why can’t people have this approach to humanity in general?  I don’t mean in regard to keeping germs to themselves (though I sure wish they would), but rather consider keeping your negativity and anger restrained in a respectable manner when venting to the world.

At the micro level, I witness people on Facebook lashing out with knee jerk reactions to something they saw on the news.  When someone starts with an angry and hateful approach, guess what? Yep, you will get angry, hateful responses.  In a flash, this can end friendships, create bitterness among workmates, family, and you could become labeled as someone who is irrational and appears angry to the world.  There is very little desirable about this characteristic, and could potentially harm your career and future relationships.

Let us go one step further to the macro level of angry postings, lashing outs, and articles.  We are in a tumultuous time in politics, not only in the U.S., but across the globe.  Nations are ramping up their military, and both the U.S. and Russia are planning to ramp up their nuclear arsenals.  Keep in mind, those two nations already make up 90% of the world’s nuclear arsenal.

Unlike the Cold War era, we have leaders who must cope with online rhetoric, often which is heated, and at times, is not exactly factual.  The U.S. is not the only nation with the tendency to use or misuse news outlets and social media.  Leaders of nations don’t get there because they are timid. Often, they get there because they are determined, driven, and not afraid to be the loudest voice in the room.  Unfortunately, voices carry much further these days.

I’m not pushing one political agenda whatsoever, because all parties are guilty of this new found way to trump the media outlets. (Pun was seriously not intended there).  I am saying all we can do is start at home with your own smartphone, tablet, or computer.  Going viral for a vulgar and hateful message does not only negate a positive outcome, but it takes away one thing we all yearn for, and that is respect.  I encourage you to debate and let your voice be heard in a respectful manner, because healthy debate brings about healthy results.  One less angry post makes room for more positive one.  Make 2017 productive and positive!

-Mr. Gossett, Chatfield Instructor

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