As a Chatfield student, you will find a business department committed to your success. Our program prepares you to work independently and succeed as a team member. You will develop a solid knowledge of business practices, models and ethics. You will also learn to use technology and other resources to research, analyze, and use data to solve business problems.

Our instructors know what it’s like to work in the business field—because they’ve been there. You’ll benefit not only from their top teaching skills, but their years in practice. € They know what you need to succeed.

Program credits will transfer to a four year bachelor’s program.

Chatfield College graduates go on to:

  • Be leaders in their communities.
  • Own their own businesses.
  • Take on management roles in their companies.
  • Earn promotions within their companies.
  • Earn Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees.

These courses comprise the Business Concentration requirements: BUS 101 Principles of Accounting I (3 credit hours); BUS 102 Principles of Accounting II (3 credit hours); MAT 121 Elements of Statistics (3 credit hours); BUS 253 Microeconomics (3 credit hours); BUS 254 Macroeconomics (3 credit hours); BUS 271 Principles of Management (3 credit hours); BUS 275 Principles of Marketing (3 credit hours); BUS 236 Business & Society or BUS 382/PSY382 (3 credit hours); Any elective (1 credit hour).

Total: 25 credit hours.

Business Concentration Brochure

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