Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

When the future is wide open, an Associate’s degree in Liberal Arts from Chatfield gives students a broad and thorough base of knowledge to apply to any number of careers or four- year academic programs. The aim of this course of study is to increase your knowledge of history, religion, philosophy and social sciences.  You’ll work with an advisor to design a program that reflects your personal and professional goals.

Chatfield College is the only liberal arts college in the Cincinnati area that offers an associate degree through fully accredited academics. We strive to ensure that none of our students becomes lost or forgotten. We provide individual attention in our smaller, intimate classroom settings to optimize
your learning experience.

Expand Your Knowledge in All Areas

An associate degree in liberal arts can fit your needs perfectly, due to its broad scope applicability to a variety of careers. This program allows you to increase your knowledge in the following areas:

  • History
  • Religion
  • Philosophy
  • Social Sciences

Your academic advisor will work with you to customize a schedule that best fits your personal and professional needs and desires. In this program, you can focus on a specific career goal or simply broaden your horizons.

Students in our liberal arts program learn to research topics, write academic papers, and read about various subjects with higher comprehension and retention. Our goal is to make each of our students independent and creative problem solvers who can analyze and evaluate whatever comes their way.

Fulfill Big Dreams in Cincinnati

Students who graduate in our liberal arts program have gone on to pursue bachelors’ and masters’ degrees across the nation. They have become successful in careers including writing, journalism, business, politics, and government. We’re proud to find our graduates as administrators of large organizations who play active roles in their communities.

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