Recent Grad Credits Chatfield for Job Promotion

October 4, 2016

amy-jo-wilsonMany students come to Chatfield College with the objective of going on to a four-year college to pursue a bachelor’s degree.  Others come because they wish to advance their careers or earn job promotions.  Some even manage to accomplish both.

After taking a few months off after graduation in May, Amy Wilson, a 2016 graduate, had every intention of going on to get a bachelor’s degree.  Then, she received an offer she felt she just couldn’t refuse.

Amy had been working at a small pre-school when she got word of a job opening at Head Start in Highland County.  She applied, interviewed, and, much to her amazement, received an offer for a job that pays twice the amount of her salary at the pre-school.

“I am beside myself with excitement,” said Amy, shortly after beginning her new career as an Early Head Start Home Visitor.  “It is a dream job, especially for someone who wants to work with and help children.”

In Amy’s new position with Highland County Community Action, she will be working with mothers and their children from infancy to three years old, helping them with developmental activities in the home as well as in her own office at Highland County Community Action.  She also helps connect them with valuable services in the area.

“I assess their needs and recommend appropriate educational activities, and then work with both Mom and child until the child can officially enroll in the Head Start program at age three,” said Amy.  “The Early Head Start Program helps children to better transition into the classroom experience.”

An added benefit to her new career is that Highland County Community Action is sending her back to school – with all expenses paid.  She has begun taking classes at the University of Cincinnati, and is thrilled to be back in the classroom.

“At Chatfield, I took out student loans and worked while taking classes in order to better myself,” said Amy. “I always intended to further my education after graduating from Chatfield, but now, not only do I have a better job, I still get to further my education – and it’s paid for!”

Amy says that getting her AA Degree was one of the best choices she has ever made, and she credits Chatfield College for giving her the opportunity to succeed.

“The time I spent at Chatfield has been an experience of a life-time,” she said.  “The instructors were extremely helpful to me throughout my entire experience there, and I have the upmost respect  for all of them.

Going to Chatfield College has opened the door to my future, and I am proud to say that I am a Chatfield alumnus.”

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