Scholarships Make a Difference

March 20, 2017

Some students hesitate to fill out a scholarship application.  They might think it’s a waste of time because they won’t be awarded one or the amount they may receive won’t make that much of an impact on their balance.  I have to say, EVERY BIT HELPS!  Big or small, any scholarship money will help pay the bill.

For example, let’s say you registered for fall classes.  You have an Expected Family Contribution (EFC) that doesn’t qualify you to receive the full amount (if any) of the Pell or Ohio grants.  After borrowing the maximum allowed in student loans, you still have a balance that you must pay out of pocket.  A scholarship could either pay off that balance or significantly lower your bill, making monthly payments more achievable.  Another scenario could be that your EFC is zero and you qualify for all the grant money available.  A scholarship could lower the amount of student loan debt you need in order to pay your bill.  The least amount of student loan debt you have after graduation should be your goal!

Chatfield College has a great endowed scholarship program.  Our donors understand the struggle of paying for higher education and they generously donate so our students can achieve their dreams of earning a degree.  Do yourself a favor and fill out a scholarship application today!  The deadline for fall scholarships is Monday April 17th.  Please contact the financial aid office on your campus to obtain an application or fill one out online.  We will be happy to assist you through the process!

-Becki Brown, Financial Aid Counselor

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