Services and Contact Information

Support Service​ Direct Contact​ Additional Contact​
Tutoring​ or OTR x 229 Students: Tutoring page in Schoology. Remote tutoring available.​ Faculty: Early Alert Form​
Library​ or SM x 123 All: Library Schoology Page.
Advising​ Distributed Team. or SM x 112 or or OTR x 214​ Submit request at academicsdropdown menu on homepage​
Financial Aid or OTR x 204 or or SM x 139 N/A
Tech Tools and Usage, CourseDesign or SM x 155 ​All: Instructional Technology Page​
IT, Account Access, Passwords, etc.​ or SM x 122 or 513-512-4667 ​All:
Registration Students can hold their seat for Summer and Fall. Contact an adviser, David Hesson or Sarah Dorr ​ or SM x 112 or or OTR x 214​
Admissions or OTR x 213 or or SM x 115 N/A
Business Office or SM x 114 or or SM x 139 N/A