Social Work Assistant Salary

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Through 2026, the need for social work assistants in Southwest Ohio is expected to increase by 11.5%, according to a report from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. So, if you enjoy helping people and want to enrich the lives of others, now is a great time to explore a career as a social work assistant.

An associate of applied science in human services degree from Chatfield will help you prepare you for licensure, build a career, and earn a social work assistant salary you can be proud of. You’ll study Case Management, Human Services, psychology and counseling, and other subjects. Your education will allow you to gain critical thinking and problem-solving skills that will lead to lifelong success.

Your pay may vary depending on the state and setting where you work, but here are some social work assistant salaries you could potentially earn with your degree from Chatfield:

Social work associate degree salaries in Ohio

Chatfield’s human services AAS program is fully accredited and aligns with Ohio’s recommendations for social work programs. This means you can trust your degree has value in the real world and that you’ll have all you need to pass state licensure exams and earn a social work associate degree salary.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly wage for Cincinnati-area social work assistants in May 2020 was $18.35. That translates to a potential social work associate degree salary of $38,160 per year in Ohio, according to the BLS.

Social work assistant salaries across the nation

Depending on where you work and other factors, your social work associate degree salary can vary. Variables aside, the national median hourly wage was $17.29 in 2020 for social and human service assistants, according to the BLS. Those wages amounted to a median annual salary of $35,960.

According to the online employment marketplace ZipRecruiter, for social and human services assistant positions, the national average salary in June 2021 was around $66,959 per year. Most salaries, ZipRecruiter notes, range between $32,500 and $89,500.

Prepare to earn a social work assistant salary — and beyond

If you wish to continue your education after graduation, your human services associate degree from Chatfield will allow you to lay the groundwork for your future and offer you the guidance you need to transfer to a four-year college or university. And Chatfield makes it easier for you to do so with transfer agreements with more than 80 four-year colleges and universities in Ohio, so your transition to another school will be seamless.

Not only will earning additional degrees and other credentials increase your skills and education, it may help you raise your social work assistant salary, too.

Begin your journey to a social work assistant salary

Get all the information you need to be a licensed social work assistant with the associate in human services degree program at Chatfield.

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