Spotlight on Jerome Manigan

April 26, 2017

Back in 1981, Jerome Manigan auditioned to become a Radio Reading Services (RRS) broadcast volunteer. Initially, he read the Front Page and Editorials section of The Cincinnati Enquirer. With his professional experience at Avco Broadcasting (now Channel 5), he helped create the first RRS schedule.

He trained RRS board operators and showed them how to do manual editing. Dennis Runyan, then Broadcast Coordinator at RRS, came to Jerome with “the perfect magazine as a vehicle for his voice,” The Good Old Days. Jerome has been reading this publication on RRS since 1987 and has been nationally syndicated. He received two Ohio Educational Broadcasting awards for RRS for programming: a show called Playhouse Perspectives and a show interviewing local political candidates about the American Disabilities Act before it became law. Jerome was also the 2004 recipient of the RRS Moser Award, in recognition for his outstanding volunteer service as a Broadcast Reader.

Jerome served as a classroom teacher, program manager and principal. In the 1980’s, he was named Poet Laureate of Cincinnati. The mayor of Cincinnati appointed him to the Citizens Committee on Youth as a board member and the governor of Ohio appointed him to serve on the Ohio Criminal Justice Supervisory Commission. He currently teaches two classes at Chatfield College, where CABVI was located many years ago. As Jerome says, “Through my years of RRS volunteering, I have met so many outstanding, selfless people. I am pleased that The Good Old Days has appealed to so many listeners with the great stories of love for one’s neighbors.”

*Content originally posted through Cincinnati Association of the Blind and Visually Impaired

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