You’ve Made It Halfway, But Don’t Give In

October 10, 2016

3B3A9638As we move from summer to autumn, there is an energy in the air, a restlessness that lingers on the breezes of the Chatfield College Campus.

Students hurry around and apply their knowledge to the classes that they have made to the half way mark;  that’s right, it is the time for midterms.

Although grades from professors are not due until the 11th, there is a scrambling for an open computer, and a last minute cram for information, as well as study groups and the college transfer fair. Another Brown County Fair has come and gone, and the leaves are beginning to get the first twinges of golden orange.

Many times when we see that we are halfway through a project, we start to get a bit lazy. Maybe we think missing one class won’t make a difference in anyone’s life, but it does.  No matter what age or mindset or occupation you plan to pursue, there are standards set by employers to keep absenteeism to a minimum, and Chatfield is no different in trying to achieve the same.

So when you feel a bit tired and run down, should you just cancel class?  NO, that is the last thing you should do;  as a student, it holds back your classmates, it disrespects your instructor and it defies the rules that we are trying to instill in students on campus. Ask yourself if it is really worth dropping your grade and holding your friends and classmates back, for your day of leisure.

Flu season is coming up fast and you may need that sick day in a month or so, to accommodate a REAL emergency, so ask yourself if it is truly worth it to miss a day, a lecture, a midterm evaluation, etc.

The adult world appears to be filled with liberty, but it is not. In order to keep a job, you have to be there, and you need to be on time, so do not treat your education any differently than you would treat your job.  Remember we are all in this together, sometimes instructors don’t want to get up and roll out, either, but we do.   If you want to collect a paycheck and keep a job, you will be required to be there… on time. So if you abuse the privileges that you have been given, the only person that will ultimately lose is YOU!

So stay strong and persevere this semester; as all others will end, and as the new chapters of your life unfold, remember: YOU will be the one to manifest your own destiny, and life will generally NOT get easier, after college, so demand that you develop you own accountability.

I am very proud of most of my students, for keeping that nose to the grindstone. It shows integrity to step up and be counted, especially when you don’t feel like it. So keep on showing up on time, we realize things happen, but I doubt they happen all the time or every week, and if they do, you may need a new strategy.

It is your personal choice to be here, make the best of it!

Happy Midterm.
Christina Schnetzer

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